5 Basic Skills To Develop Personality Of A Person

personality-developmentWe often hear about the term of personal development but seldom have we tried to think about the significance of it in our life. Many of us found the term on signboards on banners but only a less number of times we think that how to develop our personality that help us to grow and to become more strong in both personal and professional field. A patron of a center for personality development Kolkata mentioned that most of the people focus on the skill training but not on the development of personality. Here I have discussed few strategies that would definitely help in personality development.

Know who are You: It is important to have a knowledge about yourself. Once Aristotle said “Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom”. It is very true, as until you do not know about yourself you cannot develop something on others. Every person must go for a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat) analysis of them in order to understand the self-traits. Once these things will be identified, a person can work on those to rectify weakness and capitalise on the strengths. It is important to not shy away from the bitter facts and to face them with courage.

Be positive +: No, I am not talking about the blood group but about the attitude. Once you complete the first stage that is of knowing yourself (at least you think that you know), you must adjust your attitude in a positive way. One may face a lot of problem but it is important that they remain positive to their thinking. Always remember that you act the way you really think thus your thought matters. With a positive outlook, a person can deal with all the high and lows of the life.

Be listener: It is very important strategy of life to become a good listener. Mostly in all the situation we try to make our presence through put up our voice. However, we intend to forget that people only listens to them who listen to people. Thus in order to understand that what others are saying a person must listen to them. Study suggests that most of the people who are good listeners are more likable than that of speaker.

Open to new: In order to develop the personality it is important to remain open towards new things. It may be new ideas, new people anything that will enhance your knowledge and thought process. Along with meeting the new people, you get a chance to know the different cultures and lifestyles that will have a positive effect on your personality. In addition, a person who has bound to limited interest cannot be able to participate in different programmes. Reading new books will increase the sphere of your learning. With an increased knowledge base it is always easy to get indulged into interactive conversation.

Body language: You have to give a presentation in front of your boss, client and you are not making eye contact, or your hand is shaking. Do you think that your boss will highly appreciate your content of presentation? No matter how good the presentation is the boss or your client is going to reject. The reason is the inappropriate body language. They will think that you are not confident enough to do the work. Here comes the need of body language. When you are making proper eye contact, making a firm approach during walking will reflect your confidence and honesty. A handshake while shining off would surely exhibit your confidence.

Apart from these having proper mannerism, dressing sense are other factors that also contributes in personality development. So, here I have pointed out 5 essential skills that a person can incorporate to develop their personality. Having a pleasant personality not only reflects your confidence but also gives you a chance showcase yourself on the higher platforms.


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